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Solid Sodium Methylate
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Sodium Methylate Solid

We produce sodium methylate solid more than ten years The production capacity 10, 000 tons per year Reliable quality and competitive price are guaranteed for our Product

Production indruction of sodium methylate solid

Sodium Methylate is divided into Solid and Liquid products. Solid product is the pure content of Sodium methoxide; liquid product is methyl alcohol solution of sodium methoxide. 

English name: Sodium Methylate 

CAS: 124-41-4

Molecular formula: CH3ONa

Molecular weight: 54. 03

Property: White powder, odourless, be soluble in ethanol and methanol. Be sensitive to air and moisture, be decomposed into methanol and sodium hydroxide quickly with water. Be decomposed in the air above 126. 6℃. Products have a form of the solution compound, but also a form of the solvate。

Physico-chemical property

Solubility: Solubled in methanol and ethanol. 

Density: 0. 6 g/ml

Water soluble: React. 

Sensibility: Humidity sensitive. 

Stability: Reacts violently with acid, water; Incompatible with chlorinated solvents, moisture and acid.

Production specification of sodium methylate solid




White powder



Free alkali



<0. 5%

Production application of sodium methylate solid 

1. Used as alkaline condensation agent and catalyst in organic synthesis; used in the compound of spice, dyestuff etc. Be the raw material of vitamin B1, A and sulfadiazine; as the condensating agent in organic synthesis; as the catalyst of edible oils and fats processing; be the important raw material of medicines compound for sulfadiazine, SMZ, sulfanilamide synergist etc. 

2. As raw material, main used in Pharmaceuticals and pesticide, also in dyestruff industry and chemical fiber industry, as catalyst of fatty ester exchange. 

3. Widely used in spice industry, dyestuff industry etc.

Production storage of sodium methylate solid

Sealed packing and stored in a cool, dry place away from fire, light, oxidizing agents and acids.

Production package of sodium methylate solid

25 kg/bag, 100 kg/drum

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